BMW Connected

The BMW Connected app is a personal mobility assistant that simplifies everyday tasks and aids drivers in reaching their destinations.

The series of printed ads featuring simple graphics of different types of personal assistants would be strategically placed within a particular mile radius of each BMW dealership. Some placement examples could include, bus stations, mall signs, bus wraps etc. The ads would be equipped with a device that would send signals to the passersby phone. The signals would ask if they would like to participate in the campaign. If so, the user would be enrolled in a scavenger hunt type contest. The person would have to find the other 2 ads. The final ad would be placed at the BMW dealer. When approaching it, the user would be sent a push-notification that they have found it. The person would then be approached by a BMW associate and provided their reward. The reward would reflect the ad. For example, a final butler/service add would feature free coffee from Starbucks. A final DJ would offer a free music download from iTunes. The final chef would present a meal from BlueApron. The campaign is meant to convey the simplicity and convenience the BMW Connected App offers its client. It is also intended to display the connectivity the app offers users with the people and things you love.